Julian Napoleon is Dane-zaa and Cree from the Saulteau First Nations. Julian is dedicated to raising awareness around Indigenous issues related to land, water, food and community. He is currently collaborating on food sovereignty initiatives in Indigenous communities across Turtle Island and beyond.

Julian is one of the panelists who will speak at a free public symposium on Site C – “We are all Treaty people” – at Douglas College in New Westminister from 6:30 to 9:30 pm on Thursday, July 5.

Why should the Site C dam be halted?

“The Site C dam continues an ongoing legacy of cultural genocide against the Indigenous peoples of so-called-Canada. It is a gross violation against the spirit and intent of Treaty 8 and undermines all contemporary processes of reconciliation. Furthermore, in it’s destruction of invaluable farmland, waterways, and ecologically rich and abundant biocultural heritage areas, the Site C dam endangers all of our long-term resilience, sovereignty, and food security. ”

What can we do to stop it?

“It is everyone’s responsibility to educate themselves and others of the facts surrounding the Site C dam project. It doesn’t matter where someone sits on the political spectrum – this project is not justifiable by any means. If people could come to an understanding of the major threat to our economy, environment, human rights, democracy, and the public institution of BC Hydro, that Site C presents I believe that no rational human being could continue to support the project. We need to see thousands of people raising up against this project and resisting it in every way possible, including: direct action, supporting legal actions, and influencing politicians.”

Pledge to follow the court case and speak out.

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