As news broke today that the BC Supreme Court has denied the injunction sought by the West Moberly First Nation, we are alarmed that this endangers vital areas of the Valley — places of crucial cultural, spiritual, historical and ecological significance – while the unresolved Treaty rights case winds its way through the courts.

The court was clear, however, that the Treaty rights challenge must be heard before the dam is completed.

We will post responses from First Nations and partners as they become available and will further analyze the decision once we’ve looked at it in greater depth.

The court decision

Response from West Moberly and Prophet River First Nations

Public statement from the Union of BC Indian Chiefs

Response from Amnesty International

In-depth coverage of the decision in The Narwhal

As First Nations now prepare for the full Treaty rights infringement trial which is still to come, it’s more important than ever to call for a fair and just outcome.

Let Premier Horgan and Attorney General David Eby know that it’s time for the province to put its promise to uphold Indigenous rights into practice.

Donate to support the ongoing First Nations legal struggle.

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